Family history goals for 2018

Looking ahead to the New Year I thought I’d jot down things that I’d like to tackle in this area in the next 12 months.

Researching all of my ancestral branches as I do, I have masses of stories that I can share about the ancestors. It would be good to blog more of them in 2018, writing about interesting families, people, places and events. I can also usefully blog on issues, such as inter-faith marriages in the past, and ancestors who had the right to vote.

Another good thing would be to blog more about methodological issues and specific sources. For example I’ve a lot of experience working with kirk session minutes, and could reflect on those. Similarly mental health records and 18th century tax records.

And, extremely importantly, I need to catch up with a backlog of genealogical email. Being long-term ill with a severely disabling neurological illness email replies often have to wait for better patches. But it often means that the most interesting emails can wait longer for a reply. I definitely have some emailing to be getting on with.

My ancestral research is just part of my wider genealogical research. I’ve also blogged 2018 goals for my Cavers one-name study, my Coldingham one-place study and my Melrose one-place study. And re more general historical research I’ve blogged 2018 goals on my academic history blog.

Many ideas anyway. Looking forward to it!

About vivdunstan

Academic historian, genealogist, former computer scientist, and Doctor Who fan.
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1 Response to Family history goals for 2018

  1. BookerTalk says:

    What a good idea to make use of all your research very much a beginner still but have been grateful more than once to find others who have gone before me (yourself included) have been able to share the benefits of their knowledge. Hope the plan works out for you.

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