Revised chronology for ancestor moving from Hawick to Melrose

I had a vague memory of finding in the past that my great-great grandfather Thomas Cavers Hall lived in the Cavers/Kirkton area between leaving Hawick and settling at Melrose, possibly at Upper Tofts. But I now think that must have been a false memory, because the evidence found recently doesn’t fit very well.

Thomas shows up at Scaw Mill, Wilton Dean in the 1895 valuation rolls which have recently been digitised and put online. And by November 1896 he was settled at Gattonside Mains near Melrose, as I know from the advert he placed in the paper having lost a collie dog.

I’ve recently found an advert for his former farm at Hawick. This advert appeared in November 1896, shortly before the lost collie dog advert appeared. Significantly Thomas’s father Hugh Hall is named in the advert as the person who was to show any prospective tenants around. I think this timing and evidence makes it very likely that Thomas moved directly from Scaw Mill to Gattonside Mains, with no other farm in between.

Southern Reporter, 1896 November 5


The FARM of SCAWMILL, situated at Wilton Dean, and within a mile of the Burgh of Hawick, is to Let; with entry as may be arranged, either at Martinmas first, or at Whitsunday 1897, and separation of Crop.

The Farm consists of 27 acres, or thereby, whereof 16 acres, or thereby, are arable, and the remainder rough pasture; has a comfortable Dwellinghouse, with excellent supply of Water; and suitable Offices. Well adapted for a Dairy Farm. No Mill now on the Farm.

Apply to Messrs G. & J. OLIVER, Solicitors, Hawick, who will receive offers up till 19th November first; and HUGH HALL, residing at Wilton Dean, will on application point out the Farm to intending Offerers.

The highest or any Offer may not be accepted.

Hawick, 29th October 1896

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