Ancestor elected to school board at Wilton (Hawick)

Just found this in the old newspapers:

Southern Reporter, 1894 April 26


WILTON (HAWICK) – Six candidates for five seats. The poll took place on Thursday with the following result:- Job Harkness, stockingmaker, Wilton Dean, 143; *Thomas Usher, farmer, Courthill, 128; *Rev. John Rudge Wilson (Established Church), Wilton, 116; *James Stewart, stockingmaker, Wilton Dean, 92; *Thomas C. Hall, farmer, Scawmill, 74. Unsuccessful :- Rev. Thomas Cockburn (United Presbyterian), 57. Those marked with an asterisk were members of the old Board.

So Thomas Cavers Hall, my great-great grandfather, was elected to the school board, and had been a member of it before, as the asterisk showed. He left Hawick only a few years later, to go to farm Gattonside Mains near Melrose.

Thomas Usher of Courthill was also a relative, a descendant and cousin of the Usher of Toftfield family at Melrose. His modern-day descendant, a vet in Hawick still, sedated our cat Bilbo before the long house move journey from Hawick (Wilton) to St Andrews.

And as someone who lived in Wilton and went to Wilton Primary School it’s particularly nice to find that an ancestor served on the Wilton School Board.

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