Great-granny and in-laws getting first aid certificates in 1911

Another Southern Reporter newspaper report that I found, searching for Dodds and Abbey Gate, revealed that my ancestors were handy in a first aid situation! Unfortunately the report is very dark and smudged at the start, but it looks like it involved the Red Cross Society Ambulance Class, with a Dr Calvert giving lessons to ladies in Melrose. Apparently 99% of the class had passed, and there followed a long list of ladies getting St Andrew’s First Aid Certificates. These included Miss M. Dodds, Abbey Gate; Miss A. Dodds, Abbey Gate; and Mrs Dodds, Weirhill Place. The first two would be sisters May Darling Dodds (b. 1881) and Agnes Gray Dodds (b. 1888). The third would be their sister-in-law, Margaret Hall (b. 1878), wife of plumber John Dodds, and my great-grandmother. Here is a photo of Margaret and John together, probably from a few years later, during World War One.

John Dodds and Margaret Hall

I should probably transcribe the list of ladies’ names who were awarded certificates. It’s quite lengthy, and could be of interest to other people with Melrose ancestry. The list appeared in the Southern Reporter of 1911 May 25.

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