“Bun-Bun” the rabbit is dead – tale of a much loved family pet (1938)

When the British Newspaper Archive was launched I tried searches for various family surnames. And I ran into problems with the search, because it wasn’t precise enough. For example searching for the surname Bunning – a surname in Martin’s family tree – would seemingly match any article with a word beginning bun in it. And there were many dozens of thousands of articles about buns! Nowadays it is possible to restrict the search to exact spelling only, which is a help, though you can still run into OCR problems, with Bunning frequently matching running. But things are improving, somewhat.

However a positive of the daft original search facility is that it let me find the article below, which though sad provided much amusement, and I reproduce in transcript form.

The Western Times, Friday April 1 1938

“Bun-Bun” the rabbit is dead: The Children are Sad

14-Year-old Stratton Pet Who was “One of the Family”

“Bun-Bun,” the rabbit, is dead … and the children, whose pet it was, are sad.

Fourteen years ago “Bun-Bun”, then a baby, was caught by a cat at Grove Park, Stratton. It was rescued from pussy’s clutches by a boy, Lewis Colwill, who brought it home and kept it as a pet.

“Bun-Bun” became one of the family … as the children grew so did their affections for it increase … One day this week it was taken ill and died peacefully within an hour.

When “Bun-Bun” was taken into Lewis’s home, it was introduced to all the young people – four boys and a girl. In a short time it became tame … likewise a great favourite of them all.

It ate out of the same plate as the cat and did all that cats do in a home – ran up and down stairs … stole from the kitchen table. There were times, too, when the little girl took it to bed with her … “Bun-Bun” then slept in her arms.

On one occasion a neighbour’s dog who was left in his house alone, was frightened at the sound of a gun fired nearby. It jumped out of a window and came to the rabbit’s home. When the girl went to bed she found rabbit and dog huddled together under her bed.

When they went to “Bun-Bun’s” hutch to feed it one day this week it was found to be unwell. It was brought indoors, nursed by the fire, but, after an hour, it died, quite peacefully.

“Bun-Bun” is sadly missed, not only by the family, but by the neighbours.

Do note the date of the newspaper report.

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  1. allisbunnies says:

    aww i’m so sorry ):

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