Relative breaking car side screen in 1937 Fife

Oh dear! I was searching the British Newspaper Archive again last night. Had a great time, including finding more goings-on at Cupar Mills in Cupar where we lived in the late 1990s.

Anyway I then tried a search for “cavers hall”, hoping to find references to my gg-grandfather Thomas Cavers Hall. Instead I found the item below, which I’m pretty sure must refer to his great-nephew James Cavers Hall (b.1908), grandson and namesake of his brother James Cavers Hall. With that name it’s hard to imagine he can’t be related to me.

Evening Telegraph, Thursday 7 January 1937
A “Smart Alec” Fined, Put Fist Through Side Screen as Car Was Passing
“I think this is one of the cowardly sort of things that these smart Alecs on the street like to do.”
This remark was made by the fiscal at Dunfermline Police Court to-day when James Cavers Hall, motor driver, c/o Knight, 36 St Andrews Street, Dunfermline, was charged that on 27th December in Bonnar Street, Dunfermline, he wantonly and maliciously struck with his fists and broke the side screen of a motor car.
Accused said it was an accident.
Mr J.H. Wright, the fiscal, said that about 12.30am on Sunday morning, 27th December, a motorist was going along High Street and wanted to turn into Bonnar Street. Three men who were in the middle of the street stood still and the motorist had to go over to the east side of the road before he could turn.
As he was passing accused deliberately took his hand and knocked it through the side screen. It happened to be celluloid. If it had been glass it might have been dangerous for the occupants. Accused ran away.
Bailie Parkinson imposed a fine of 15s.

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