More criminals in Martin’s family

Makes a change from my lot! Again from the Suffolk line:

The Ipswich Journal – Saturday 20 October 1838

On Friday last, Zachariah Sharman, William Sharman, and James Garrod, three notorious theives, were committed to Ipswich Gaol, for trial, by the sitting Magistrates at Diss, charged with stealing seven turkeys, and two fowls, the property of Mr Marshall, of Wortham.

Zachariah Sharman (b. 1814?) and William Sharman (b. 1813?) were older brothers of Martin’s ancestor Israel Sharman (1816-1891).

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2 Responses to More criminals in Martin’s family

  1. Pamela Hammond says:

    Hello Viv, just been reading about William Sharman, he was my gt. gt. grandfather his son Israel was my gt. grandfather. I lived in Wortham for the first 24 years of my life and my maiden name was Sharman. I think I must share a gt. grandparent with your husband. Maybe we can share some information about the Sharmans. Bye for now Pam Hammond.

    • vivdunstan says:

      Lovely to hear from you Pam. I’ll drop you an email. You’ll have a great-great-great grandfather in common with my husband. Martin’s ancestor Israel was your ancestor William’s brother. When we first identified “our” Israel we assumed a younger Israel – either your one, or the next generation down was more likely – but no, it was the more elderly parent in our case!

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