Ancestor receiving surgeon’s diploma in 1771

I’ve always wondered how my ancestor Richard Somner (1731-1804) trained as a surgeon. I’m assuming that he trained on the job, and have found no evidence for any form of university education for him, unlike his son and grandsons who all attended Edinburgh University.

I’ve just found a reference to him receiving his surgeon’s diploma, in 1771:

Caledonian Mercury – Saturday 10 August 1771

Edinburgh, Surgeons-hall, Aug. 7, 1771. This day Mr Richard Somner, Surgeon in Haddington, and Mr David Christie, Surgeon in Borrowstounness, were examined by the College of Surgeons here, and being found fully qualified, received diplomas.

Presumably he would have been examined to see that he had the requisite skills and knowledge, and only then awarded the diploma. It must have meant a lot to him to receive that diploma.

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