A case of drunk and disorderly in the family

Just signed up for a 12 month subscription to the British Newspaper Archive, even though it still doesn’t have any newspapers from Roxburghshire or Selkirkshire which seriously limits its relevance for me. But it’s still useful. I tried another search for “israel sharman”, and found this from Martin’s lot in Suffolk:

Norfolk News – Saturday 22 October 1870
HARTISMERE PETTY SESSION – On Monday [the 17th instant] … Israel Sharman, of Wortham, was charged by Police-constable Barnard with being drunk and disorderly at Wortham on Sunday night, October the 2nd. It was also stated that Sharman was drinking on the following evening at the Dolphin at Wortham, and from evidence given in Court, the Bench decided upon thoroughly investigating the manner in which that house was conducting its business, and also the late hours it kept. Sharman was convicted of the charge, and fined 5s. and costs, 12s …

There were a few Israel Sharmans in Martin’s family, of varying ages. But I don’t think this was Martin’s direct ancestor Israel Sharman (1816-1891) who by then was living in the Brockdish area. Rather I think it was probably his nephew Israel Sharman (1851-1891) who I’ve found in trouble with the local courts before now, and who stayed in the Wortham area.

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4 Responses to A case of drunk and disorderly in the family

  1. also interested in history of Brockdish – Israel Sharman lived in the house I now live in

    • vivdunstan says:

      Wow! Could you send me a picture of what the outside of the house looks like now? My husband would love to see it. I think we may have an old photo of the house (with Israel outside) I could send a digital copy of by return. My email address is viv.dunstan@one-name.org

      • criticalfaculty1 says:

        DearViv – good to be in contact. Im can probably find a recent picture – but would be interested to exchange info. about earlier inhabitants of Shingle House. david seddon Date: Sat, 25 May 2013 11:43:53 +0000 To: criticalfaculty1@hotmail.co.uk

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