Records of my granny and her siblings at school

I’ve been looking through some old research notes, and rediscovered my handwritten copies of the relevant entries in the Mowhaugh Public School Admission Register 1873-1943 (Scottish Borders Archive R/ED/3/30).

The earliest reference was to my great-aunt Lizzie Scott, noted as daughter of Mrs Scott at Ha’burn. Born 1894 she entered the school on 9th March 1900.

Some years later her widowed mother married my great-grandfather, and the three resulting children all attended the same school, all noted as children of Michael Kerr, Ha’burn.

My great-uncle Andrew Kerr, born 1905, entered the school in May 1910. My granny Jessie Kerr, born 1907, entered it in June 1912 and stayed there until March 1919. And my great-aunt Margaret Kerr, born 1909, entered the school in June 1915 and stayed until 1923.

For a history of this school, which remained open until 1945, see here, which also has a photo of the school from 1905. My great-aunt Lizzie might even be in the picture.

I had limited success tracing school admissions of other relatives in the Borders archive. Many school records simply don’t survive. For example I managed to trace the Hall children from Gattonside Mains, but that was about the limit of my other success.

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