Started digitising family photographs

Last night I started scanning the family photographs. I have a system now where I can sit on the sofa, with my laptop, and place the USB scanner beside me, and digitise a few photos at a time.

I’m scanning the photos in high quality archive mode, into TIFF files, to extract as much detail from them as possible. Sadly some are slightly damaged, but at least digitising them gets as much possible from them now. After scanning I place them in archival quality (acid free) envelopes, and then into my dedicated archival storage box to hold the photos in as good a condition as possible long-term.

I plan to post various photographs of the ancestors on this blog over time. To start with here are a few to be going on with.

Firstly here’s a photo (we have others) of my great-grandparents John Dodds and Margaret Hall. I assume this was taken around the time of the First World War, when John enlisted as a soldier. He fought at Gallipoli, but was invalided out, due to severe dysentery.

We also have a photo of Margaret’s father, Thomas Cavers Hall (1850-1917), who was originally from Wilton parish in Hawick, and later farmed at Gattonside Mains near Melrose.

I wish we had a photo of Thomas’s wife, Agnes Fair. I wonder if any of the family have any photos of her? The Australian cousins, descended from their son Alexander, don’t have one either.

We also have an older Hall photo. This is assumed to be two of the five sisters of Thomas Cavers Hall, possibly Euphemia (“Phemie”) and Sarah or another. This photo was taken in a Hawick studio.

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