More on the 1915 valuation rolls

I posted about these earlier, but didn’t mention that the rolls also include information about the value of each property, specifically the “Yearly Rent or Value”. Trouble is I don’t really know enough about these figures then and the wider economy to put them into proper context in terms of what was a large or small rent. However I thought it might be worth pasting in the rental figures for my ancestors’ homes.

Firstly Mrs Catherine Dodds at Abbey Gate, Abbey Street, Melrose, was in a property valued at £10. Her son John Dodds, plumber, was in a property, St Cuthbert’s Cottage in Abbey Street, valued at £12.

Elsewhere in Melrose parish John’s father-in-law Thomas Cavers Hall, together with his two oldest sons, was tenant of Gattonside Mains and various related properties. The valuations there included £111 3s for Gattonside Mains farm and house; £29 5s for part of Hoebridge farm; and £10 and £30 for two parts of Campknowe farm.

And my great-grandfather Michael Kerr’s property, Belford in Morebattle parish, was very modest: valued at just £3 annually.

As I said I can’t really put these figures in context. I could look at valuations of individual estates from the time – for example Thomas Cavers Hall died in 1917, and so there is an inventory of his financial affairs then, as well as a will he wrote on the back of an envelope giving legacies to his children. Or I could look at other properties in the same area, since each detailed page from the valuation roll includes many dozens of nearby properties. But this would require more time. For now though I have the figures for the immediate ancestors.

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