About to start sorting out family papers

Some time ago I decided to get proper archival storage supplies. I was able to order them through my local university archive – I’m a double graduate of the history department there, and have given lectures to trainee archivists on the user’s perspective on using archives, so know the archivists well. The goodies came in to the university archive today. So soon it will be time to start sorting out the family papers, photos and artefacts. No more excuses! I ordered a mix of storage things to handle the various items, rather than the very ad-hoc and not good current storage methods which don’t protect the items well enough, and may not prevent long-term damage. I plan to scan things as I work through them, and share the results with cousins, primarily through this blog. I have lots of very old family photos, many old papers and miscellaneous artefacts. The papers include a large bundle of receipts before the wedding of my great-grandparents John Dodds and Margaret Hall in 1905. From my husband’s family I have lots of old photos too, from his mother’s side, and plan to scan those, and send digital versions to my brother-in-law.

This will be a long slow process though. I’m very weak, due to the MS-like illness, so can’t throw myself at digitisation. But I can make a start on it, once we have the proper storage supplies in the house.

About vivdunstan

Academic historian, genealogist, former computer scientist, and Doctor Who fan.
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